Regulatory Approval

PHDS has extensive experience preparing regulatory submissions. Our regulatory management covers quality control review for verification of compliance with applicable guidelines and for potential issues that may cause the refusal of app...

  • Enhance your regulatory capabilities aligned with over 20-years experience.

  • Develop regulatory requirements-compliant documents to speed your product through approval.

  • Bring strong regulatory affairs knowledge to plan, compile, track and manage submission

Preclinical Study

We design and implement preclinical strategies and programs to provide information about a new drug's pharmaceutical composition and safety. Our nonclinical development group offers pharmacology and toxicology services.

  • Regulatory guidance in aligned with our extensive knowledge of CMC regulatory environment.

  • Complete range of pharmacology and pharmacodynamics services

  • Our nonclinical development group offers pharmacology and toxicology consulting services.

Clinical Study

Our experience, support systems and resources enable us to advances a product through development and approval on time and within a client's budget and delivers quality results for our clients' drug research and development needs.

  • Combination of strong human and social resources, international management model, and the most advantaged equipment.

  • Your product development plans deserve the best integrated research services available.

  • Bring you the high quality data, on time and without surprises.

Consulting Service

Our sophisticated experts enable and enhance your regulatory capabilities and develop customized plans that increase efficiency and reduce risk to help you realize your product's value.

  • Our knowledge and 20 years focused regulatory affairs experience in China are yours.

  • Specialization to meet industry demands




  • Supply solutions with first-hand knowledge to fully realize the potential of drug development .

Drug Registration